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Austrodanthonia sp. A.C.T

Plant name: A.C.T wallaby grass mix

Plant type: native and ornamental grasses

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: ACT

Cultural notes: Occurs naturally in grasslands. Common and widespread.

Maintenance: Can be cut back periodically.

Tolerates: High drought tolerance. Frost tolerant.

Flowering season: Spring and Summer

Flower colour: Inflorescences are loose and fluffy, cream to white when mature.

Foliage colour: Green, year round if enough moisture is available.

Width: up to 0.2m

Height: up to 0.5m

Plant spacing: 30cm apart

Recommended uses: Often used as native grass lawn, or in feature planting. Revegetation.

Description: Tufted perennial. Year long green, fine hairy leaves.