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Bolboschoenus fluviatilis

Plant name: Stream club rush

Plant type: sedges / rushes / wetland plants

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, QLD, VIC.

Cultural notes: Inhabits shallow fresh or brackish water. Grow in full sun.

Maintenance: Requires consistant water.

Tolerates: Frost, brackish water and innundation.

Flowering season: Spring and Summer.

Flower colour: Each flower stem holds 6-9 branchlets, with each holding a cluster of 1-6 yellow-brown spikelets.

Foliage colour: Mid green grass like foliage to 11mm in Width:. Foliage tends to brown off in winter in cooler areas.

Height: up to 2.5m

Water depth: aquatic to 0.25m

Plant spacing: 20cm apart

Recommended uses: Excellent for stabilsing banks on waterbodies and wetlands. Provides habitat for birds and frogs.

Description: Rhizomatous perennial growing to 2.5m. Inflorescences open with several leaf like bracts.