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Bursaria spinosa

Plant name: Blackthorn

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Origin: NSW, ACT

Cultural notes: Prefers more clay like soils and alpine areas but is very hardy and will grow most places.

Maintenance: It can be cut back if needed.

Tolerates: Tolerant of drought, frost and poor drainage.

Flowering season: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Flower colour: Fragrant white-cream flowers

Foliage colour: green leaves that grow in clusters.

Width: up to 5+m

Height: up to 6+m

Plant spacing: 150cm apart

Recommended uses: A very hardy plant, its spikey branches make it a good deterrent for boarder planting. Its fragrant flowers also make it quite an attractive plant.

Description: A species that does well in the alpine regions all the way down to the coast. The spikey branches on this tree make it a great habitat for small birds. The alpine plants tend to be more prostrate while coastal plants can get quite tall.