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Callistemon viminalis

Plant name: Weeping bottlebrush

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, QLD.

Cultural notes: Very hardy plant that requires full sun. Accepting of most soils including those with poor drainage.

Maintenance: Can be pruned after flowering to maintain shape.

Tolerates: Tolerant of drought, frost and poorly drained soils.

Flowering season: Summer and autumn.

Flower colour: Brilliant red bottlebrush style flowers to 9cm in length.

Foliage colour: Light green narrow leaves to 7cm.

Width: Up to 3m

Height: Up to 8m

Plant spacing: 150cm apart

Recommended uses: A versatile plant, taller forms can make good street trees, also useful as a hedge or screen. Bird attracting, flowers and foliage can be used in flower arrangements.

Description: A large shrub or tall tree with a weeping growth habit. Can grow as tall as 8m with a 3m spread. Profuse red flower spikes to 9cm.