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Cyperus exaltatus

Plant name: Umbrella sedge

Plant type: sedges / rushes / wetland plants

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet


Cultural notes: A widespread sedge growing on the banks and in the shallows of streams and lagoons. Hardy if sufficient water is available.

Maintenance: Requires consistent water.

Tolerates: Inundation, frost.

Flowering season: Summer, autumn and winter.

Flower colour: Yellow-brown flower spikes occuring in groups to form an umbrella shape.

Foliage colour: Olive-green or brown-green foliage

Width: Up to 0.8m

Height: Up to 2m

Water depth: Aquatic to 0.25m

Plant spacing: 30cm apart

Recommended uses: Erosion control on dam and creek banks. Bird habitat.

Description: Tussock forming perennial sedge. Inflorescences large and spreading with numerous spikelets.