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Eleocharis acuta

Plant name: Common spike rush

Plant type: sedges / rushes / wetland plants

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet


Cultural notes: full sun, boggy conditions, in water up to 30cm deep, long lived, very hardy

Maintenance: No maintenance required

Tolerates: Frost, inundations and short dry periods

Flowering season: spring to autumn

Flower colour: small cream to brown spike appear on tip of foliage

Foliage colour: mid to dark green, smooth cylindrical

Height: up to 0.4m

Water depth: aquatic to 0.25m

Plant spacing: 30cm apart

Recommended uses: dam and river plantings to help stabilise water edge/banks. Also an excellent ornamental plant for ponds which provides habitat for water birds

Description: tough reed, great for ornamental pond/creek plantings