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Eucalyptus elata

Plant name: River peppermint

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, ACT, VIC.

Cultural notes: This tree prefers deep moist soils in partial shade. It is often found along streams and drainage lines.

Tolerates: Drought and frost tolerant.

Flowering season: Spring.

Flower colour: Creamy white flowers occur in spherical clusters and appear from yellow, club-shaped buds. The fruit are brownish conical capsules.

Foliage colour: The leaves are dark gre-green in colour and pendulous. They are narrow, grow to 20cm in length and give off a peppermint aroma when crushed.

Width: up to 10m

Height: up to 40m

Plant spacing: 500cm apart

Recommended uses: A useful fast growing shade tree for large gardens or as a street tree.

Description: A slender tree growing to 40m in Height: and spreading up to 10m. The lower trunk is covered with dark coloured fibrous, deeply furrowed bark, with smooth white bark above. Pendulous dark grey-green leaves and creamy white flowers in spring.