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Eucalyptus elata

Plant name: River peppermint

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Description: This is a large native Eucalypt with a V-shaped canopy with lightly drooping foliage. It is known for its tall, straight trunk feature bark. The lower trunk is covered with dark coloured fibrous, deeply furrowed bark, with smooth white bark above. Pendulous dark grey-green leaves and creamy white flowers in spring.

Origin: NSW, ACT, Vic.

Cultural notes: This tree prefers deep moist soils in partial shade. It is often found along streams and drainage lines.

Tolerates: Drought and frost tolerant once established.

Flowering type and season: Flowers in spring. Creamy white flowers occur in spherical clusters and appear from yellow, club-shaped buds. The fruit is brownish conical capsules.

Foliage type and colour: The leaves are dark grey-green in colour and pendulous. They are narrow, grow to 20cm in length and give off a peppermint aroma when crushed.

Soil type: Prefers well-draining, moist soil that dries out between waters. Does well in rich soil but most soil types are tolerated. Ph level from mildly acidic to mildly alkaline.

Width: Up to 15m

Height: Up to 40m

Recommended uses: A useful fast-growing shade tree for large gardens or as a street tree.