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Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Plant name: Red ironbark

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, VIC, QLD.

Cultural notes: Adaptable to a range of climates and well drained soils. Prefers full sun or part shade.

Tolerates: Tolerant of drought and frost.

Flowering season: Winter and Spring.

Flower colour: The flowers occur in clusters and are white, cream, pink or red in colour.

Foliage colour: The leaves are grey-green in colour, lance-shaped and sometimes slighly curved.

Width: up to 8m

Height: up to 30m

Plant spacing: 300cm apart

Recommended uses: A good shade tree suitable for medium to large sized gardens and parks. Attracts birds and bees.

Description: A medium sized tree growing to 30m in Height:. The thick, fibrous bark is deeply furrowed and black on the outer surface, showing a deep red-brown in the furrows. Narrow pendant grey-blue foliage and profuse white, cream, pink or red flowers.