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Grevillea lanigera

Plant name: Woolly grevillea

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW. Vic.

Cultural notes: A very hardy plant that prefers a sunny position and well drained soils in cooler climates. Dislikes humidity.

Maintenance: Can be pruned to maintain shape.

Tolerates: Frost and drought tolerant.

Flowering season: Late Winter and Spring.

Flower colour: Red or cream flowers occur in spider-like clusters.

Foliage colour: Narrow oblong shaped leaves are dark green but fine white hairs give them a greyish, woolly appearance.

Width: up to 1.5m

Height: up to 0.3m

Plant spacing: 100cm apart

Recommended uses: An attractive shrub useful in a low screen or border.

Description: Narrow leaves are grey-green and finely haired, giving them a soft woolly appearance. Flowers are spider-like clusters and can be red or pinkish-cream.