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Hebe ‘Inspiration’

Plant name: Veronica

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees


Cultural notes: Will do well in most soil conditions but does prefer well-drained ones, as well as being in full sun.

Maintenance: The shrub can be pruned back if need be but is normally pretty tidy, insure to water it well in summer.

Tolerates: Tolerant of high winds, salt and frosts

Flowering season: Summer.

Flower colour: Beautiful mauve flowers on the end of a specific flower stem.

Foliage colour: The foliage tends to be a green to dark green gloss.

Width: Up to 0.7m

Height: Up to 0.7m

Plant spacing: 100cm apart

Recommended uses: This plant looks greats in pots, baskets or in groups. They also do well in rockeries.

Description: A beautiful flowering small shrub that originates in New Zealand. It produces Mauve flowers and is great for pots and rockeries.