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Lagerstroemia indica ‘Lipan’

Plant name: Crepe myrtle mauve

Plant type: advanced / deciduous trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Description: This deciduous tree is small and compact, growing up to 4 metres in vase-like shape. The foliage is a dark green turning orange through autumn until falling. This tree is known for its gorgeous clusters of small mauve coloured flowers.

Origin: South China, Korea, India.

Cultural notes: Prefers full sun to part shade. Can be kept in pots or containers. Will grow in a wide range of climates ranging from cool to arid.

Tolerates: Frost tolerant and low water once established. Tolerant of sandy and salty conditions, will do well in coastal areas.

Flowering type and season: Flowers are displayed in clusters of small crinkled flowers in a mauve colour. It Will bloom throughout summer.

Foliage type and colour: Foliage is a dark green colour. In autumn leaves turn copper-orange before falling.

Soil type: Prefers well-draining soils. The type of soil is lenient, can tolerate most soils types and pH levels.

Width: Up to 3m

Height: Up to 4m

Recommended uses: Perfect for space-constrained places such as small gardens bed, walkways, nature strips or rooftop gardens.