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Leptorhynchos squamatus

Plant name: Scaly buttons

Plant type: flowers

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD, SA.

Cultural notes: An adaptable and hardy plant. Prefers moist but well drained soils in full sun or part shade.

Tolerates: Tolerant of frost, drought and short period of innundation.

Flowering season: Spring and Summer.

Flower colour: Small yellow daisy flowers on long scaly stalks.

Foliage colour: Linear leaves are dark green above and woolly white underneath and form small tufts around the flower stem.

Width: up to 0.4m

Height: up to 0.3m

Plant spacing: 20cm apart

Recommended uses: A hardy plant suitable for rockeries, cottage gardens, mass plantings or as a container plant.

Description: A perennial plant growing to a Height: of 30cm and spreading 40cm. The flowers occur on long scaly stalks and are held well above the foliage.