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Liriope muscari ‘stripy white’

Plant name: Liriope stripy white

Plant type: strappy leaf / native lilies


Cultural notes: does best in well drained but can still do well in poorer soil, full sun or part shade

Maintenance: trim back to promote new growth

Tolerates: will withstand drought and heat, light frosts

Flowering season: late spring through to summer

Flower colour: purple flowers, berries will appear later

Foliage colour: broad strappy leaves that are green in the middle, with pale green-white edges

Width: up to 0.4m

Height: up to 0.4

Plant spacing: 0.5m

Recommended uses: are great as mass plantings, pots, feature plants berries attract birds and insects

Description: An evergreen clumping perennial grass with strappy leaves. Perfect for a tight clumping effect as a border or planted among other plants