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Lomandra confertifolia

Plant name: Lomandra confertifolia

Plant type: strappy leaf / native lilies

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, VIC, QLD.

Cultural notes: A hardy fast growing plant adaptable to most soils provided they are well drained. Prefers a sunny position but will tolerate some shade.

Tolerates: Drought and frost tolerant.

Flowering season: Spring and Summer.

Flower colour: Creamy white to yellow flower spikes, often hidden among the foliage.

Foliage colour: Leaves are slender and up to 70cm long.

Foliage colour: can vary from bright green to blue, grey and purple.

Width: up to 1m

Height: up to 0.5m

Plant spacing: 50cm apart

Recommended uses: Often used in mass planting or along borders. Also suitable as a container plant.

Description: An dense tufted plant with slender foliage which can vary in colour from bright green to shades of blue, grey and even purple. There are five recognised subspecies of Lomandra confertifolia.