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Lomandra hysterix

Plant name: Lomandra hysterix

Plant type: strappy leaf / native lilies

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet


Cultural notes: A hardy plant that will grow in full sun or heavy shade. Will tolerate a range of soils but requires ample moisture.

Maintenance: Can be cut back if required.

Tolerates: Toleratant of temporary innundation and moderate frosts.

Flowering season: Spring and Summer.

Flower colour: Cream coloured, sweet smelling flowers are held on branched flower spike just behind the tips of the foliage.

Foliage colour: Foliage is usually bright green, but darker leaved versions can be seen.

Width: up to 1.5m

Height: up to 1.5m

Plant spacing: 100cm apart

Recommended uses: Good soil binder for steep banks. Suitable for mass plantings and borders. Arching foliage can be used to cover unsightly concrete edges. Suitable as an indoor container plant.

Description: Large tufting plant growing to a Height: and Width: of 1.5m. Leave are gracefully arching and usually a bright green.