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Lomandra longifolia ‘Empress’

Plant name: Lomandra longifolia 'Empress'

Plant type: the provincial collection (PBR)


Cultural notes: Full sun, most soil conditions, fast-growing, long-lived, very hardy.

Maintenance: Remove thatch to promote new growth, slow release fertiliser once a year in spring, water well once a month during drought periods.

Tolerates: Drought conditions and light frosts.

Flowering season: Spring through to summer.

Flower colour: creamy flowers and spike

Foliage colour: Thin green strap-like leaves.

Height: Up to 0.4m

Plant spacing: 30cm apart for mass planting or 50cm apart for specimen planting.

Recommended uses: Ornamental ideal for landscaping, excellent in rockeries, bird attracting berries.

Description: Large perennial tussock grass with a strong architectural shape. Forms dense tussocks of stiff, long flat leaves.