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Lomandra longifolia

Plant name: Spiny headed mat rush

Plant type: strappy leaf / native lilies

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet


Cultural notes: fast growing, very hardy and long lived. Will grow in full sun or part shade in most soil conditions.

Maintenance: may be pruned to remove thatch and promote new growth

Tolerates: high drought tolerance & frost hardy, damp conditions to occasional flooding

Flowering season: spring through to summer

Flower colour: small clusters of cream to yellow perfumed bracts on flower spikes. The heavily scented nectar on flowers can attract pollinating beetles.

Foliage colour: tough narrow arching glossy green strap-like flat leaves 40-100cm long which grow from an underground stem and are usually taller than the flowering stem. The leaf bases are broad and their tips are prominently toothed.

Height: up to 0.8m

Plant spacing: 30cm apart for mass planting or 50cm apart for specimen planting

Recommended uses: specimen or mass planting, rockeries, container plant including for indoors, used in median strip and roadside planting, filler and background plant in home gardens, the leaves provide a safe habitat for lizards and other small animals.

Description: large perennial tussock grass with strong architectural shape forms dense tussocks of stiff, long flat leaves