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Melaleuca linarifolia

Plant name: Snow in Summer

Plant type: Shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Description: A small tree, growing up to 10 metres. Distinctive white or creamy white, papery bark and a dense foliage cover. Flowers are white or creamy-white with a noticeable perfume to them.

Origin: Eastern Australia, NSW and Southern Queensland.

Cultural notes: Prefers full sun, doesn’t tolerate shade. Naturally found usually along watercourses and swamps. Might be susceptible to web moth caterpillar and sooty mould.

Tolerates: Tolerates drought and frost.

Flowering type and season: White or creamy white flowers bloom in prominent clusters on the ends of the branches, covering the tree. Bloom occurs in late Spring and summer in large quantities.

Foliage type and colour: Foliage is linear in shape, spanning about 25 cm with a distinctive mid-vein.

Soil type: Prefers moist, well-draining soil but can withstand poor soil.

Width: Up to 4m

Height: Up to 10m

Recommended uses: Native gardens and parks, ornamental, streetscapes and avenues.