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Olea europaea ‘Manzanillo’

Plant name: Olive - Manzanillo

Plant type: advanced / deciduous trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Description: A small-sized evergreen tree with a wide-spreading canopy and glossy green leaves. This tree produces large amounts of olive fruit which can be picked green or black and is used as a table olive or in olive oil. Produces shade and soft screening as well as being a feature tree.

Origin: Greece.

Cultural notes: Prefers full sun. Grows well in cool winters and hot, dry summers without humidity will encourage fruit production. Grows well in coastal regions. This tree can be grown in pots. Grows slow and responds well to pruning.

Tolerates: Tolerates drought, frost and coastal conditions. Hardy and low maintenance. Will attract wildlife.

Flowering type and season: Small white/cream clusters of flowers are produced in late spring. These are monoecious, meaning they are both male and female.

Foliage type and colour: Evergreen with a glossy green topside and silver-green toned underside foliage. Leaves have a leathery texture.

Soil type: Well-draining soil. Prefers humus-rich soil, dislikes like water logging or ‘wet feet’.

Width: Up to 3m

Height: Up to 7m

Recommended uses: Can be used as a feature tree or a screening device. A great tree for courtyards or anywhere with limited space or soil.