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Poa poiformis

Plant name: Coast tussock grass ‘blue’

Plant type: native and ornamental grasses

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet


Cultural notes: fast growing and very hardy. Will grow in full sun or part shade and either wet or dry conditions in most soil types.

Maintenance: may be pruned annually to remove spent seed heads (usually late summer) and to encourage new growth

Tolerates: drought and frost

Flowering season: Spring and Summer

Flower colour: Bears clusters of small green to yellow spikelets

Foliage colour: blue grey foliage with inflorescences bearing clusters of large green to purple spikelets which appear in spring and summer. The leaf blades are smooth on the outer surface

Width: up to 1m

Height: up to 1m

Plant spacing: 50cm apart for mass plantings and 1m apart for specimen plants

Recommended uses: feature planting or revegetation projects.

Description: densely tufted perennial grass of coastal foreshores and estuaries