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Prunus blireana

Plant name: Flowering plum

Plant type: advanced / deciduous trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Description: A deciduous tree that is small growing and has a rounded canopy. Known for its feature blossom flower that blooms a beautiful pink through late winter and spring. Foliage will be a purple-green colour through summer, turning a deeper reddish-purple.

Origin: A hybrid between Prunus cerasifera ‘Pissardii’ and Prunus mume ‘Alpandii’.

Cultural notes: Full sun preferred. Protection from strong winds is required for successful blooming. After flowering, make sure to thin out the canopy and remove any old wood that isn’t producing. Susceptible to the fruit-tree borer, pruning overcrowded branches will help prevent this. Attracts wildlife due to its blossoms.

Tolerates: Tolerates high frost and drought.

Flowering type and season: Mauve Pink blossoms through the end of winter and spring.

Foliage type and colour: Foliage is purple-green in the summer months, turning a reddish-purple colour in the other times of the year. Leaves will fall through autumn.

Soil type: Well-draining and adequately fertilised soil is preferred.

Width: Up to 4m

Height: Up to 4m

Recommended uses: A beautiful ornamental tree due to its blossoms and deep foliage colours. Suitable for any sized garden, streetscapes and avenues.