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Pyrus ussurienusis

A grown Pyrus ussuriensus

Plant name: Manchrian Pear

Plant type: Advanced / deciduous trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Description: Pyrus ussurienusis is a medium-sized ornamental pear with a round canopy and horizontal branches. In autumn, this tree has a beautiful array of foliage colours of deep reds. In spring, this tree is covered with gorgeous white flowers. This all makes it a fantastic feature for your garden.

Origin: Japan, Korea.

Cultural notes: Prefers full sun. When planting, water in well and keep the soil moist until the tree establishes. Fertilize when planting and when new growth appears.

Tolerates: Adaptable to most conditions but doesn’t cope with drought.

Flowering type and season: Flower buds will first open with a light pink shade, turning white as the flower reveals itself fully. These are small but cluster around the tree through spring.

Foliage type and colour: Leaves are oval-shaped and glossy green. In autumn, they will turn deep and vibrant reds.

Soil type: Prefers well-draining, moist, humus-rich soil. Tolerates most soil types and pH levels.

Width: Up to 7m

Height: Up to 9m

Recommended uses: Pyrus ussurienusis is a perfect feature tree for gardens, streetscapes, and parklands. Remember, don’t plant near waterways due to littering.

Rounded Canopy on Pyrus ussuriensis    Horizontal Branches on Pyrus ussuriensis    Full Sun    Medium Water