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Rhagodia spinescens

Plant name: Spiny saltbush

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees


Cultural notes: A hardy shrub, that prefers well drained soils in a partly shaded position, but can tolerate full sun.

Maintenance: Can be pruned to shape if desired

Tolerates: Frost tolerant, moderately drought tolerant and said to be partially fire retardant.

Flowering season: Spring.

Flower colour: Creamy coloured flowers

Foliage colour: Silvery – Grey foliage

Width: up to 1.2m

Height: up to 3m Plant spacing: 50cm apart

Recommended uses: Is good for erosion control, low Maintenance: gardens

Description: A shrub believed to be slightly fire retardant, silvery foliage with cream flowers. Can grow up to 3m tall.