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Schoenoplectus validus

Plant name: River club rush

Plant type: sedges / rushes / wetland plants

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, WA.

Cultural notes: Naturally occurs at the edge of still or slow flowing water. Requires wet soils in full sun. Quick to establish after planting.

Maintenance Requires consistant water. Remove dead material if required.

Tolerates Frost tolerant.

Flowering season: Summer and Autumn.

Flower colour: Reddish brown flower spikelets in loose clusters.

Foliage colour: The most visible part of this plant are the blue-green stems. The true leaves are grey-brown and papery, sheathing the stems at the base of the plant.

Width: up to 1m

Height: up to 2m

Water depth: edges and marshland

Plant spacing: 30cm apart

Recommended uses: Good for preventing bank erosion, provides habitat for birds, attractive in ponds and water features.

Description: A robust perennial wetland plant with course, erect stems and grass-like foliage. Grows to 2m in Height:.