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Trachelospermum jas. ‘tricolor’

Plant name: Trachelospermum tricolor

Plant type: groundcovers / climbers

Origin: ASIA

Cultural notes: Does well in full sun or with some shade, prefers well drained soil to much moisture may cause the roots to rot

Maintenance: Can be cut back to maintain shape

Tolerates: Frost tolerant and drought tolerant when established

Flowering season: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Flower colour: White fragrant flowers

Foliage colour: Dark green leaves with some having a creamy white-pink tinge to them.

Width: up to 2m, but can be trained to climb up to 6m.

Height: up to 2.5m

Plant spacing: 50cm apart

Recommended uses: Great choice for a wall climber, rockeries , spreading shrub or even border plant

Description: Similarly to the straight jasminoides, the plant can be trained to climb. Tri-colour refers to the white-pink tinge the foliage can obtain.